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Pioneers and innovators in the canna-space

You can read about it in Cannabis Culture Magazine, June 9, 2004: http://www.cannabisculture.com/content/2004/06/09/3370

The assembly and magnetic feature of the grinder was revolutionary. The Herby’s Twist ballgrinder, AKA Grindaball was way ahead of its time. Evan Ruz's invention modernized the herb grinder in these ways:. 

  • 2001, grinder assembly was re-engineered consisting of two grinder plates and two shells.
  • 2002, magnets were added to keep the two halves together
  • Any magnetized grinder shape could now be created

In 2003, our award winning assembly and magnetic feature of the original Herby’s Twist Grinderball™ became the backbone of herb grinder technology as we know it today.

Evan Ruz's contributions helped move the industry out of the dark ages, from the plain ‘ol hockey puck style grinder to attractive, functional devices.

A Canadian invention, EH!