Shipping Policy

All orders are shipped via Canada Post – Air Service – within 24 hours. Delivery time should be up to five days Canadian residents, one to two weeks for USA (due to border crossing), three to four weeks for UK & EU and Australia about one week.  However most customers receive their order within a one week period.  
Additional shipping charges will be applied for faster shipping services ie: second day and overnight requests.  Shipping costs are calculated per order quantity, unless otherwise specified.

Basic shipping price for one unit is $8.25USD for central Canada & USA, UK and Australia.  $12.95USD to E. Cananda & USA.  Orders to W. Canada need a minimum 3units.  For remainder of EU and Japan please contact us to determine freight cost.

Prices are subject to change according to Herby's Twist TM.

KoopehTM accepts credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express via Shopify.  KoopehTM also accepts money orders and certified checks in both Canadian and US funds.

We use Shopify to authorize our credit orders. All information is transferred through an encrypted and secure connection.  Payment on your next credit card statement  will appear as SP-KoopehDesignsInc.

KoopehTM collects HST taxes for Ontario, and GST in the rest of Canada (unless otherwise specified).  Our US and International customers pay no sales tax, however duty, customs charges and any additional freight may apply on some purchases entering your country.